Natalia C Diaz, Esq. came to Queens, New York from Uruguay when she was only 7 years old, with a green card in her pocket and parents that wanted her to achieve what they believed was the American Dream. Born to immigrants that came into the United States and settled in Queens New York, Ms. Diaz, knows and understands the hardship that the Hispanic community faces when migrating to the United States with little to nothing but a dream and a hope for a better life. She also understands as she has seen from her family, everything starts and ends with hard work and dedication to do better. Raised by blue collar parents that worked very humbly and very hard to give her the tools to succeed through education. Ms. Diaz went to college in Waterbury, Connecticut and received her bachelor's in Legal Studies in 1999. After college she began working as a paralegal for several years only to realize she would always be the right hand to the lawyers she worked for, but she would never be the lawyer that impacts people's lives. It was then as a paralegal that she realized without law school and without going further, she would not be able to impact the community she longed to protect unless she became an Attorney. Ms. Diaz yearned to be the fluent bilingual voice to those who are in the dark as to their legal rights simply because most immigrants are vulnerable and become prey to others due to their lack of understanding ( these are all things she witnessed as a child with her own parents). Hard work, dedication and perseverance would prevail once again...she was accepted to Vermont Law School and graduated in 2006. Her dreams came true in 2007, when she was admitted as an attorney in the State of New Jersey.

To think a little girl, just 7 years old, English being her second language, would one day be a woman that fights and protects the same community her parents dreamed of joining while in South America. Ms. Diaz began as a criminal lawyer and soon realized the type of clients that gravitate to her needed her in other court rooms. Other court rooms like family court, immigration and municipal courts. Ms. Diaz is what all immigrants aspire for their children. Ms. Diaz established The Diaz Law Firm LLC to help people just like her parents, to serve the same community she has been raised in since 1986. To be a strong voice for those who were silenced by their lack of understanding of our laws and the communities they lived in because of language barriers. Ms. Diaz is compassionate, relatable and most of all dedicated to the same community her parents thrived in as a child. Ms. Diaz moved to Elizabeth at the age of 11-year-old from Queen, NY. And although she has gone off to Connecticut for college and later Vermont for law school, it was Elizabeth, NJ where she chose to plant her flag as the lawyer for the people. Ms. Diaz is a proud member of the American Lawyers Member Association and takes great pride in her ability to reach out to the same types of people she was raised with in Elizabeth, NJ. Ms. Diaz takes great pride in education those that are dealing with the court systems and don't always understand what is ahead of them. Ms. Diaz will work hard to make sure that not only are you satisfied with her legal services but that you understand she wants to be your light in your darkest moments. Ms. Diaz equates her success in knowing that once you are in her hands, you will be safe, she will work hard for you to achieve the best possible outcomes in your legal case and you will never feel that you are in the dark or not fully knowledgeable to your case and how the law applies to your issues. Ms. Diaz is the type of lawyer that you can reach out to on a Sunday evening. She is the lawyer her parents' wishes they had when they migrated to a country where most of the time, they were completely clueless as to their rights and legal protections. Let Ms. Diaz, keep you under her wing and keep you in the light of knowledge and understanding about your legal rights.